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Dear Crush,

It’s me again. You know, that one kid who was in your Gym class in 10th grade while she was in 9th. You know. That one that hugged you when you cried about your girlfriend and helped you win her back. You know, that one who, since then, have you a hug EVERY TIME she saw you when you were a Junior and she was a Sophmore?

Yeah. That one. The one who admitted their feelings to you and told you that they hated that they even had feelings that way. That they’d shut down every living fabric within their self that had an ounce of anything but friendship. The one that woke up one morning and went, “Oh My God, I like him.” That one girl who sacrificed their joy to provide and not to meddle with yours.

Yeah. That one. I just wrote to say… I’m still here for you. I’m still here to talk to. I’m still here to hug you. I’m still here to care about you, even when she doesn’t. I’m still here. I’m waiting for you, unfortunately. I thought about leaving two days ago, but…

You did that thing where you pulled me right back in. You gave me an ounce of your time, and you bring me back to waiting for you.

Sorry. I’ll try not to let it happen again, but…. We both know I’m probably lying.

With Trying-To-Be-Platonic Love,

That One

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